Mastercrafter Award Disha Mansukhani

Mastercrafter Award


” Road” by Disha Mansukhani using Catchphrase “Magic in the world/দুনিয়া জুড়ে জাদু”


“The entry made in the Photography Art Category of AP-19 is not just a photograph. Together with the accompanying poetry, it is a simple and candid portrayal of a city street in the style of documentary realism. A kind of portrayal that does not fall in any of the art categories included in art programmes of the CMF. This makes the entry worthy of a special award.

The photograph captures the transition time between day and evening, between winter and spring very well, though the tone of the light is less than perfect and the framing could have been better had the mirror of a two-wheeler (bottom left) been cropped. The poetry is well written though a little too much of poetic liberty is evident. But the two together communicate the mood and flavour of the time and location pretty well.

With honing of her writing skills and acquiring improved skills of photography, we expect more such innovative creations from her in the future.”- ChotaMota Core Team