The quiet wisdom of Andem Sai Srivathsav


Title: Untitled
Artist: Andem Sai Srivathsav
Award: MasterCrafter

Jury’s Comments:
An alluring abstraction very simply expressed. The appeal is superb, but open to interpretation. Displays commendable application of editing skills. The idea may perhaps be deeper than what one can visualize. It uses too few elements but inspires a quest of wisdom. Surely, the artist will have much more to offer in the future.

About the Artist:
Andem is an architecture student of a reputed college  In Delhi.  For the art of photography, he says “A good picture should speak for itself: tell a story, recall something, make people think or dream. The Photographs are already telling endless stories more than anything I can say in 200 words”.  Originally from Telengana, he considers himself as an amateur street photographer with the thirst of experimenting. He is striving to create a new genre that can bring back the grandeur of the street photography. The album ‘DA DUM’ on Facebook and ‘The endless Street’ are the little attempts he  made in the process of pursuing his quest. His  next project is based on the performance artists to explore the scenes behind the perfection that is portrayed on stage.

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