A poetic rendering of ageing by Suvajit Chanda

Title: Old Age
Artist: Suvajit Chanda
Award: DreamSpinner

Jury’s Comments:
A poetic rendering of the prosaic aging process of living beings. The inexorable anguish of old age is captured in the wrinkles and freckles of the aging face. As if, scarred by prickly leafless branches of timeworn trees, it is about to dissolve into formless mists and clouds. A very good attempt. The concept is shaped competently into a visually engaging form, but lacks in the required technical perfection. The effect applied on the face seems to be a bit on the harsh side. We would love to see more of daring imaginings of the artist’s creative mind.

About the Artist:
Suvajit is  graduate and looking for a job. But, Photography is his passion, being a member of Barrackpore Photolovers Association(BPA), he has participated in different National/International Photography Competitions and has bagged some awards.

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