“Champgne-Supernova” by Abhishek Durani

Title: Champgne-Supernova
Artist: Abhishek Durani
Award: MasterCrafter

Jury’s Comments:
There is unusual beauty here – a celestial body that is quite literally our own body. The artist gets carried away with too many digital visual devices but the idea of a celestial human still remains compelling. With further simplification and maturity we can expect some great abstraction in the future from this artist.

About the Artist:
Abhishek Durani is an Architecture student from a reputed university. Alongside, he loves art, graphic design, music, travelling and everything that is beautiful and dreams to make the world a better place. He has developed a keen interest in creating digital surrealistic artwork. His work is influenced by various objects of everyday interest and dialogue – politics, news, emotions/gestures, jazz, punk, colors, book covers and graphic arts, fellow Indians, the Dadaists, the renaissance and culture and learning from Architecture school. In terms of technique, he uses magazines uploaded on online forums and interesting pictures from archives and collate them in a digital form trying to maintain a balance between the two. The aim is to blend the two art forms bringing out the best of both techniques. He has also co-founded a design enterprise “thesortedpandit”, which caters to graphic designing requirements of a wide variety, ranging from album covers, logos, to T-shirt and accessory designs and branding and custom artworks. Also, he is pursuing an architectural internship and also working on a few independent interior and architecture projects. He aspires to be a graphic designer recognised for his own style and quality of work.


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