Gour Malakar evokes the spirit of invincibility

Title: Untitled
Artist: Gour Malakar
Award: Dreamspinner

Jury’s Comments:
A powerful message. A forlorn storm-struck tree stands in an expansive landscape of the sea and its muddy beach. Evokes the spirit of invincibility of life braving all worldly torments. Good use of (negative) space and the (black-and-white) colour tone enhance the mood of the shot. Use of higher contrast in the foreground could have further honed the image of this everlasting contest of physical powers, so aptly captured in the shot.

About the Artist:
Gour lives in Uttarpara, a suburb of Kolkata. He loves photography deeply and capturing street life and wild life fascinates him the most. He does not own a camera, but that hardly matters to him. At times he borrows one from a friend or simply takes shots with his mobile phone. All the artworks he sent for the Chotamota Art Program were taken with mobile phone. He earns his living as a field worker of social surveys. While working in the field, making time for taking a few shots wipes away the fatigue of mundane tasks and leaves him with a taste of ecstatic pleasure. He dreams to take photography as a profession someday.

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