“My body sleeps next to me” by Upasana Chakraborty


Title: My body sleeps next to me
Artist: Upasana ChakrabortyAward: Mastercrafter Award

Jury’s Comments: Poetic abstraction of the dream state. Simple at its core but open to interpretation. The title of the piece “my body sleeps next to me” conjures visions of astral projection.

About the Artist:


Upasana Chakraborty is pursuing her Masters in English Literature from a reputed university in Kolkata. Alongside, she works as a freelance journalist/ artist for webzines like Eyezine and Sanbad Manthan.

She is currently working on a graphic novel based on a series of murals that she has started to work on.  She is painting these murals on the walls of her university and has a plan to take photos of the paintings and afterwards add speech bubbles digitally for the dialogues once the paintings are done. Thus, she hopes to create two separate pieces of Artwork – the murals on the walls till the authorities plan on whitewashing, and a graphic novel made digitally. Other areas where she is trying her hands at are designing banners for a Children’s Film Festival, and cover page of a poetry book published by Bhasha Bandhan.

She has been painting since last year and has been trying to face and stand up against whatever is going on in the world through her paints and brush.

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