Sneha Dasgupta’s take on Van Gogh


Title: Van Gogh
Artist: Sneha Dasgupta
Award: Tailblazer Award

Jury’s Comments:
This piece exemplifies the journey of art and the artist. It might very well be the perfect definition of ChotaMota foundation. To chase and capture the white whale you must embark on an epic journey. Every time we hold our pencils over a blank piece of paper we travel through worlds, dimensions, space and time. The hand doesn’t travel without the mind. Perfection in art is questionable but the journey isn’t.
The ability to marry a deep message with poignant visuals is a potent skill. I would love to see what else this artist brings to this world.


About the Artist:

Sneha Dasgupta is a visual artist and illustrator. She is currently in her final year of Applied Art based in Mumbai. What she enjoys most is having a clean sheet of paper and scarring its pallid perfection with her pens and dreams. Since her childhood, she has been experimenting with different forms, while learning techniques of expression and trying different tools of the trade. Now, in her early youth, she has come to believe art as a bold expression of what one feels that leaves an unforgettable impression on the minds of both – the artist and the audience alike. She wishes to make her art speak for her and likes to revel in the freedom that every stroke gives her. For her, the “… window of opportunity is like the second before a drop of ink touches my clean white paper”. Van Gogh inspires her with his “… unleashed, crazy, frenzied and passionate brushstrokes”. In this award-winning work, she captures Van Gogh mesmerizing about the stars in his dreams.

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