“Tesla” by Afrin Iqbal

Title: Tesla
Artist: Afrin Iqbal
Award: MasterCrafter

Jury’s Comments:
Wonderful romanticism of an unsung hero. Tesla never got the attention he deserved during his lifetime but his lore lives on in art like this. A true superhero that stole fire from the gods.

About the Artist:
Afrin Iqbal is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree from a reputed Art College in Kolkata, specializing in Graphic Design and Applied Arts. Her areas of study include branding, print advertisements, illustration etc. Drawing and painting had been her passion since early childhood, but she took upon digital painting only in 2011. Ever since, she has experimented with various styles and techniques but is mostly fond of painting realistic and semi-realistic portraits. Except drawing, she mostly enjoys various kinds of music, science fiction movies, anime and spending quality time with her pets. She desires to learn a variety of skills in different fields and wishes to become a successful designer. Her caricature drawing of Nikola Tesla that shows him as a lighting Superhero, celebrating him as one of the greatest scientists of all times.


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