“Tragedy” – Short Film By Tarpan Sarkar


Title: Tragedy
Artist: Tarpan Sarkar
Award: BuddingWeaver Award

Jury’s Comments:
The film builds up on the idea of the tragic doom of writing pens. There are signs of deviant thinking and a suggestion of a subtle humorous approach in the beginning. But, at the end much of it is left to imagination of the viewers.
It starts with a shot displaying the Chotamota Card, inviting for entries in its Art Program. Then, it sets out to suggest that it is a continuity of the theme or essence of Shakespearean tragedies. But, as it appears, the intended humour fails to reach most of the viewers. In the concluding shot, the protagonist film maker is shown passing by on a bicycle humming a devotional song of resignation and surrender to the Almighty underlining the insignificance of human beings, as the yellow ball point pen that stood him in good stead in the hour of need keeps lying by the wayside with its cap opened and broken. Viewing the film as a modern day ‘tragedy’ of a writing pen in the digitalised world made in a sarcastic manner, it must be said that it is indeed a bold attempt, but the sarcasm does not come across. Use of camera and light leaves much room for a lot of further improvement.
We trust, the filmmaker’s innovative desires and liking for digging into unexplored areas will bring much more exciting, if not path-breaking, films to the viewers

About the Artist:


Tarpan Sarkar, a 17 years old short film maker, has bagged the Budding Weaver award for his entry ‘Tragedy’ in Chotamota Art Programme March 2016.

Tarpan’s family and friends are supportive to his film-making efforts. Apart from film making, Tarpan is also associated with various other creative activities. He is engaged with a painters’ group called ‘Kalakushali’. He also writes stories, and composes poems. He is associated with a newly formed theater group – ‘Belgharia Avimukh’. He also does logo designing. He aspires to learn film editing from a prestigious institution. He wants to devote his life to film making.

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