Trinath Majumder’s spin on the contemporary deity


Title: Untitled
Artist: Trinath Majumder
Award: MasterCrafter

Jury’s Comments:
How will your deity arrive this year? Perhaps dressed in jeans, covered in apathy and fuelled by teen attitude? Love the modern and humorous take on a religious icon. Maybe the message is deeper than it looks – perhaps we all have deities hidden in our contemporary incarnations?

About the Artist:

Trinath loves cartoon making and painting is his passion.

He resides in a suburban town of Kolkata. Two years ago, after having discontinued graduation studies, he took admission to a reputable art college to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist. Irresistible yearning for creation urged him on to experiment with forms and mediums. He often undertakes assignments of creative designing and painting that help honing his skills of handling different media and subjects. Assignments of pandal decoration for high-budget Durga Pujas of Kolkata provide him with the opportunity of expressing his creative ideas and, at the same time, of meeting his own expenses, at least partially.

For Trinath “painting is (his) life”. The awarded art work, he says, is expression of his passion and the creation his friend.

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