Whimsical Illustration of A Child’s Imagination by Sonal Nagwani



Title: World with her
Artist: Sonal Nagwani
Award: Dreamspinner Award

Jury’s Comments:
A beautifully executed idea that captures the whimsical and pure imagination of a child. Just as a child grows into a leader of tomorrow, the tiny bubbles become accomplished works of art. In the same breath, it also signifies the ability to observe the big picture. A hopeful and inspirational message for the youth.

About the Artist:

Sonal Nagwani is a freelance illustrator and visual designer from Lucknow, currently a student based in Pune. She loves doodling. It lets out her thoughts, taking shape in the most apt visuals. She enjoys character design as much as doodling and has been constantly exploring other fields of design.  With her preferred tools of pen and ink, water colours and digital tools she loves to create forms of her own imaginings. She has been drawing since she was a kid. After having opted for engineering as a possible career path, she recognised what she does best and loves most. She aspires to be an illustrator.  Her dream is to set up an organisation of her own that would let her ideas and work reach as many people as possible. In this award-winning work World with her, her character “…shows hope which every child has for his/her life. Every child dreams big with no boundaries in their mind, they have no limits and imagine whatever they want.”

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