“Imagine” by Arpan Bhattacharyya

Title: Imagine
Artist: Arpan Bhattacharyya
Award: DreamSpinner

Jury’s Comments:
The message of this piece sits right on the edge of geopolitics and propaganda and yet it transcends both to show us a core truth. We are all human – life is greater than material; organic is greater than inorganic. We need to coalesce as a species to rediscover our human values. All of this wonderful messaging is illustrated with beautifully simple graphic lines. There is clarity and vision; both qualities which need to be heavily fostered in this age of misinformation and misdirection

About the Artist:
Arpan  is currently doing undergraduate course in Zoology from Kolkata. He wishes to portray “The life of people and their work” through his drawings make them speak of a better and brighter future. He has garnered the concept of his drawing “Imagine” from the song of the same name by John Lennon. He has tried to imagine a future world which is free from the grasp of war and hatred, greed and hunger and above all a classless stateless post monetary form where we can all live as one people bonded by the all-humanity brotherhood. Here he has tried to employ simple stroke sketch form which he is fascinated about. He loves to draw and has developed interest in photography. He is eager to experiment with his art forms and their underlying ideas.


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