Playful abandon captured by Souvik Bose

Title: Untitled
Artist: Souvik Bose
Award: MasterCrafter

Jury’s Comments:
A good idea indeed. The subject is a small bunch of joyful children reveling in their freedom of playful running through dusty fields. We trust, once the artist pays greater attention to better use of natural light and imaginative framing, he will have much more to offer.

About the Artist:
Souvik is a freelance photographer and is attached to a News channel. While he is keen to continue with Press Photography, he aims to develop skills and connect himself with News-oriented organizations. He has a good knowledge of photographic techniques and the equipment. He is interested to do work in the print and publication media. He would love to get attached with the web-portal, where he expects to get proper scope to utilize  his  photography, videography, and multimedia capabilities.

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